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"Can you imagine living here, looking at this debris from Hurricane Katrina?" Pearson said. "It's five years old. Clearly, it's time to deal with it."

"It's going to have to be FEMA because the state doesn't have the money," Artigue said. "The parish obviously doesn't have the money. And if the feds don't come up with Nike Tracksuit Womens Set the money to do it, it'll never get done."

Friday, Modica and other neighborhood leaders joined Artigue and state Rep. Kevin Pearson on a tour of Lakeview Drive. They escorted representatives from the State Office of Homeland Security and a represenative of FEMA to show them the debris along the shore.

in Slidell hope a visit Friday from FEMA will help speed up the process of getting their shoreline cleaned up.

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"I hope today, with FEMA and the state out here, they can help us get rid of this stuff," Modica said.

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still under the water that you can't see."

SLIDELL, La. Homeowners along Lakeview Drive Nike Hoodies For Men Grey

Nike Tracksuit Womens Set

Nike Tracksuit Womens Set

Neighborhood leaders estimate that 22,000 unused pilings still stand along their shoreline. Before Katrina, those pilings help piers.

Lakeview Drive used to be known as Rat's Nest Road.

Nike Tracksuit Womens Set

Nike Tracksuit Womens Set

"They're dangerous," Modica said. "I've seen boaters hit them. I've seen jet skiiers scared to death they're going to hit one of them. It's not even what's above the ground, some Nike Tracksuits Junior

Nike Tracksuit Womens Set

Nike Tracksuit Womens Set

´╗┐Slidell homeowners want FEMA to help clean up pilings along shoreline

The local and state leaders believe, for the cleanup to happen, it will have to happen with federal money.

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"Everybody's coming back on this street," said Ted Modica, the president of the Homeowner's Association. "They're putting a lot of money in their homes and it still looks like five years ago."

Artigue described the chances of today's meeting helping as "slim and none," but he said there are several local companies capable of doing the job, if FEMA would give the cleanup the green light.

"We've got some beautiful homes coming up and then you've got this sitting out here in the Lake," St. Tammany Parish Councilman Richie Artigue said while pointing at the abandoned pilings in Lake Pontchartrain, "which is not only an eyesore, it's dangerous."

Nike Tracksuit Womens Set

Nike Tracksuit Womens Set

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