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"When they kicked us out, I couldn't believe it," Beer said. "It was awful."

A former manager at the inn cut Beer a rent deal the day before he had to be out of Nike Sweatshirt Womens Vintage another Casper rental, he said, and he's been at the Skyler ever since. Now, with the inn suddenly set to close, Beer is once more on the verge of losing his home.

The resulting flurry of confusion among Skyler Inn residents was tinged with indignation, as many residents asked for more time.

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But the initial seven day eviction notice for the hotel's 60 some guests softened in the days following Friday's first hard blow. As residents pleaded for more time, local agencies jumped in to help. Casper attorney Peter Nicolaysen, representing Skyler Inn owner Lilian d'Elia, met personally with residents to agree on reasonable amounts of time for leaving the place they had called home for months or years.

Stephanie Laff Hunt, 41, has the keys to a three bedroom mobile home. She and her family, she said, will move there this weekend.

"This was a pretty good situation for me," he said. "Nice little apartment, really."

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She got a call back later that day saying a mobile home was open, asking for an $850 deposit.

Warren headed to the elevator for the ride up to his third floor room Wednesday afternoon. On what seemed like a second thought, he drew a nearby luggage trolley in with him.

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Beer has been blind since a surgery left him without his sight three years ago, he said. His second story suite was sparse with belongings Wednesday afternoon, save a few kitchen appliances and the hotel furniture. A broken copy machine sat atop his kitchen counter. He said he planned on tinkering with the machine to get it to run again.

The hotel's attorney said the sudden closure was triggered by a top manager resigning earlier in the week, but exactly why the hotel chose to shutter its doors rather than hire a new manager is still not clear.

"They gave me now until the end of the month," Beer said. "But I won't be here that long."

For reasons not entirely clear, management posted an unsigned note at the Skyler Inn Friday afternoon announcing the extended stay hotel was closing. All guests, the note said, had seven days to vacate their rooms.

He likes living at the Skyler Inn. The housekeepers are nice, he said, and a lady comes to read him the newspaper. He's made friends at Meals on Wheels.

"But I'm grateful that we had this place," she said.

´╗┐Skyler Inn residents look for new homes

"I'm still pretty husky," he said. "I went through a lot, but I'm still here."

Laff Hunt had been wanting to leave the Skyler Inn for some time when the Nike Jackets For Womens

carlover,You have a mouth big enough for about 6 sets of teeth. You're just mad because somebody called you on Nike Blue Jackets

Nike Sweatshirt Womens Vintage

word came Friday to get out. She said she had been talking with an Nike Hoodies Yellow

Some staff have been allowed to stay in their jobs until the end of the month. Some residents have been given up to 30 days to move on.

Community Action Partnership of Natrona County sent case managers to the Skyler Inn Monday to talk with residents about their options. Local housing officials worry that a sudden rush of Skyler Inn residents may overrun what is already a tight housing market in Natrona County.

"'I need a place to go now,'" she told the park, which rents the trailer. "'What do you have?'"

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Nike Sweatshirt Womens Vintage

"I'm sad that this place is closing, and surprised about it," said Laff Hunt, who has shared a one bedroom suite with her husband, Dino, daughter, Emma, and Chihuahuas Missy and Taco for two months.

area mobile home park about availability, and called with new urgency Monday.

It's been a year and a day since 83 year old Joe Beer moved into his one bedroom suite at the Skyler Inn.

Johnny Warren, who has lived at the Skyler Inn with his son since 2005, said Wednesday he had found a new place, too.

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Nike Sweatshirt Womens Vintage

He hasn't found a new home yet, he said, but he's got a friend who offered his place as a last resort. Beer has also spoken with a case manager at Community Action Partnership of Natrona County, who will be helping him scope out options in the next few days, he said.

"It's about time," said Warren, 64. A coworker pulled through for him with a property opening up the first of May, he said, and the hotel's attorney had agreed to him staying through April. He already started doing some early loading, he said.

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He's confident something will turn up.

Nike Sweatshirt Womens Vintage

Her next phone call was to Interfaith Natrona County. They paid $600 of her deposit, and Laff Hunt paid the rest.

Beer was surprised, then, when he heard the news.

The deadline to leave the hotel is Friday, Nicolaysen said, "for everybody except those we've made arrangements with."

Nike Sweatshirt Womens Vintage

Nike Sweatshirt Womens Vintage

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