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I read an interesting study recently (maybe on HN) about an experiment where they swapped people's groceries (or something to that effect) without them knowing. Afterward they were asked to justify their choices and most of them (or a large proportion of them) had no problem in doing so, even though they didn't even choose the item in the first place.

´╗┐Smart people can rationalize anything

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rationale is what I meant. "rationale based decisions" would be a better way of putting it (there is an important distinction between that and a "rational decision")

silentbicycle 1934 days ago link

"How convenient does it prove to be a rational animal, that knows how to find or invent a plausible pretext for whatever it has an inclination so to do." Benjamin Franklin(Sometimes quoted as the punchier, "Man is a rational animal. He can think up a reason for anything he wants to believe." That's probably just a paraphrase, though.)

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the classic Gut (instant feeling) vs. Head (rationale decision) theory.

EC was chock full of smart engineers but suffered from the "too many mad scientists, not enough hunchbacks" problem and had a management team grafted on from Creative Labs (which seemed like a smart move at the time since they had brought SoundBlaster to market dominance.) The real tragedy is that the company founders were fixated on the idea that they were creating a mall like "virtual world" and remainded completely oblivious to the fact that they were sitting on a working scalable, secure MMORPG engine at least five years before anyone else was even close.

Rationale and rational are different words. Just in case that wasn't a typo. :)

ErrantX 1934 days ago link

alley because they wouldn't have a clue that such a thing was even possible, let allow be able to figure out how to do it."2. Intelligence has very little to do with the ability to think rationally. Rational thought is a skill that has to be studied and practiced. It's also crazy hard. Really really insanely hard. It's hardness is massively unappreciated. Intelligent people who think they have it down because they're better at it then most people are just fooling themselves. databases) are not purely for persistence but also for communication with other applications. But persistence is the only thing orthogonal persistence can do. An important purpose of a prototype is to help understand the problem, not solve it.

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I've found that it pays to argue all sides of a discussion. Provide arguments in favor of the other's opinion, provide arguments against your own position, counter arguments against your arguments, etc., all the while providing context and relative valuations of the arguments. It helps to define your terms. My definitions, and what I think most people unconsciously mean, are that "smart" is all about making the best Nike Sweatshirt Purple decisions and "intelligence" is all about pattern recognition. When you break it down like that it's obvious why "more intelligent" doesn't imply "smarter". The benefit of intelligence is that you can recognize patterns that other people don't, which can make you smarter. The downside is: the pattern might not be real, the pattern might not matter, analysis paralysis, etc. All of which can make you dumber. There's always a trade off. The post sums it up pretty well with:"Less sophisticated developers would not have gone down this blind Nike Blue Crop Top

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conclusion about which side of the argument is more correct. In the past I used to change minds mid argument which just caused confusion and I ended up looking like a complete train wreck. Your right: argue your position hard but dont be scared to change it after the fact (after weighing the evidence).

Several philosophers have quotes like "Man is not a rational animal, but a rationalizing animal." and "People don't want things because they have reasons, they find reasons for things because they want them."I think Schopenhauer and Kierkegaard both have quotes along those lines. Not sure how many others.

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To add onto the title point. But a heated argument is not the place to come to a Nike Jacket Kids

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randallsquared 1934 days ago link

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"Smart" in this context means "engineering smart", sounds like they lacked some business smarts. There's more than one way to be smart.

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