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Nike Pullover Hoodie Black

This has been a lot of fun, in a passive drawn out watch and see what Nike Hoodie With Zipper Pocket

happens sort of way. At first the point values where super important to me, it's the only way to judge how well your doing after all. Now I care less about the points and more about how many Work Units I complete. The more I get done the more information the scientist have to work with trying to find a cure for these diseases.

Well its been about a week and I have made up to the top 500, 447 at last glance, for TR's team. Makes me wonder how many of those I passed are even folding any more. That has me wondering why they do not separate out those that have not done at least one WU in a weeks or months time frame. I'm curious what the team scores would look like on a currently active contributors only list.

Nike Pullover Hoodie Black

Well here we are and its almost Thanksgiving, so I have been folding for about three months. I have worked my way up to 87 in the team rankings. Out of the 86 ahead of me 14 of you have nothing to worry about. I am not ever going to catch up to you as things stand now. Some I will catch up to will take up to 18.8 years.

a4's are even worse this weekend, I have one that is only 30% done and is going to run for another 2.01 days and bring just over 6,000 points. So my movement up the ranks is going to be slow until some new x17 work comes along.

Nike Pullover Hoodie Black

Nike Pullover Hoodie Black

I don't think the stopped folders should be removed from the lists, however. Many people just don't fold during the summer months due to electric and aircon cooling costs. We'll see more activity in the fall when people start to ramp up again.

Nike Pullover Hoodie Black

Nike Pullover Hoodie Black

Using the info from EOC's data base I should make Nike Pullover No Hood

Nike Pullover Hoodie Black

I know I will Nike Tracksuits Blue

It seems we ran out of the lucrative x17 work units. My system spent all day Saturday on a single x16 and for a whopping 2000 points, and now has another one that is only 6% done and is going to run for another 20 hours. After all that, it'll bring in 2,200 points. Somehow I eked out barely 13,000 points for Saturday when I normally net close to 100k.

never be at the top of any of the rankings but I think I am doing pretty good at 153982 points with my i5 3570k, running at 4.1 GHz, running full time and my GeForce GTX 680 folding when I am not running any games.

Nike Pullover Hoodie Black

Nike Pullover Hoodie Black

I am surprised by making it to number 12 of the top 20 producers for hourly production for the TR team. I know I will Nike Pullover Hoodie Black never make it to the top but I am tempted to get my old core duo with its GTX 550 running again just to fold. Might even toss my i7 laptop into the mix. Just to see what I can do in a weeks time using them. (wonders off thinking about adding another desk to the computer lounge for more computers)

Slowly moving up the ranks

Nike Pullover Hoodie Black

In the end none of this points business matters but it does add a bit of fun seeing how our computers compare to each others along the way.

I got a bonus today when I looked to see the goal of one my current work units. It's looking at Alzheimer's disease which is why I got involved in this project to start with. My Father has Alzheimer's and his Father had it. I may get it as well since it runs in the family almost consistently. I can see it in one my older cousins now, the small signs I did not notice at the time with my Father.

Thanks for the link. There is a lot of information to be found there. I can now see the trend relating to summer versus winter folding activity.

the top 20 for the team in about 14 years. Assuming things stay like they are with the current people that are active. Not likely. More realistic is my getting onto the top 100 list in three months or so. I get that far I will most likely save some wear and tear on my 680 and confine myself to running jobs on the CPU. Might even set up my old system and run what I can on its 550 at that time if not sooner. Need to do some re arranging of desks before I get to that point.

Right now I am happy with being at number 14 of the top 20 daily producers. I was at number 12 until I lost internet for a few days. Then add in the wu's I have been getting with lower rewards.

Due to my ability to leverage x17 core work, I too am moving up the ranks and passing a lot of "skulls at the side of the road" on my way. Scattered among them are the odd ones here and there who just keep plodding away generating 100 or 300 points per day. I feel like I'm galloping my way between two cities separated by a wide swath of bone dry desert, without even a wandering lizard or camel in sight.

Nike Pullover Hoodie Black

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