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An iPhone can almost do everything your computer can. The biggest limitation I can think of is file management. You can work around this in a number of ways, but it doesn let you store and edit files the way you may be accustomed to.

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As far as my use, it is my lifeline. I use it for email, phone/voicemail, internet, etc. Even when I at home I find it easier (because its at hand) to Nike Hoodie Green use for weather, stock quotes reading email vs. grabbing my laptop or going to my desktop. The differential is if I need to type a lot I prefer to go to a real keyboard. Also, the screen size sometimes makes me move to laptop/desktop for better viewing.

The basic applications are pre loaded: email, weather, internet browser, calendar

I don think I like the slider types with tiny keys.

As with all technology it is obsolete as soon as you get home from the store but since you have made it this long on your flip phone I suspect you will get a similar life out of your smartphone.

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apps I use are very useful. I track my business mileage, find the cheapest gas in the immediate area, and google nav system has the best GPS on the market, IMHO. And it free with the phone.

Nike Hoodie Green

So what do you tech savy people say to the old man.?

As far as the remote locks, I saw that on Shark Tank a couple weeks ago and wished I had thought of it. There no limit to what can be done theoretically. For Android phones, there is an application called Easy Tether Pro you install it on both your phone and your laptop, connect them with a USB cable, and turn them both on, and you get an internet connection. A little slow sometimes,but better than nothing, depending on the strength of your signal. There is another one for iphones, someone else can jump in with the name of it.

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For news you can use your browser, or when you want to get adventurous there are both free and paid apps. Every news outlet has their own and there are loads of 3rd party apps as well. Loading new apps can either be done on the phone itself or through your computer.

deal is blowing up, I can jump in quickly to resolve the issue. The Nike Red Jackets

My current phone is a Samsung a flip phone with a metal case, very stout and I like the big bright numbers and it easy to use, just what I needed riding my motorcycle in case I needed help on the road.

What all does the iPhone do besides get on line? How do you use yours?

I can see all kinds and have no idea what I looking at. I not hooked by any provided plan as my committment ran out years Nike Tracksuits For Boys

Nike Hoodie Green

´╗┐Smart Phone For Dummies

I don use the phone much at all, it just for traveling around mostly in case I want to make a call. OTH, the kids are on 24/7 I think. I can plug in on my toys/vehicles.

As for various applications and what you can do with them, there are zillions. Many are free and some have a nominal cost. I consider anything under $10 to be nominal.

I personally have an android phone, currently a Motorola Droid Razr Maxx, and love them. I held out for years getting a smart phone and said I didn want to be accessible via email all the time, but honestly, it makes my life easier to be able to receive emails on the fly. If a Nike Hoodie Womens Grey

I be interested too in a military grade phone, waterproof would be a big plus for me on the water.

I saw where they have or going to have remote locks activated by phone. Great for a landlord with lockouts, lett maintenance or Realtors in.

Yeah, a cracked screen makes it difficult to see the latest postings on BP.

A new iPhone is expected this fall. They have been releasing a new model about once a year. Sometimes the enhancements are minor. This one will likely be a major upgrade, with a slightly larger screen. 4G is also a possibility which would make browsing faster.

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Nike Hoodie Green

If you have questions about the "free" software feel free to ask. The easy answer is "no its not."

I wouldn be concerned about vibrations affecting the phone. Biggest risk is a cracked screen if the phone gets dropped.

ago with Altel, now Verizon, but if I had to I can go with others.

Nike Hoodie Green

I not aware of any waterproof smartphones. I did a quick search and it looks like there are a couple models available overseas (Motorola Defy is one).

Nike Hoodie Green

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