Nike Long Shirt

Think of the technology in your smartphone, then think of these new bifocal type glasses as smart glasses. They plug in overnight to recharge the battery. They have a light to show they are on or off.

Nike Long Shirt

Nike Long Shirt

"You have to turn your head, point your nose to see what ever you're looking at," said Maureen Maglione, a PixelOptics Area Manager, about progressive lenses.

Nike Long Shirt

And just like you swipe your smartphone to answer a call, for instance, you also swipe the emPower! glasses to turn them on or change the mode.

Nike Long Shirt

Nike Long Shirt

"Oh, okay, so I can see all the way over here. No more sweet spot. No more portal," noted Phil Rainier, a reporter trying on the glasses for the first time.

But now enter 21st century technology and the 'emPower!.'

to see up close when you looked down. But those meant you lost some of your peripheral vision. It became blurry.

"The electronic, the automatic feature there and then the touch feature, it's just amazing. That's amazing and I think patients are going to really be wowed by that and accept that and embrace that technology," Nike Jacket Pink

There's no distortion in your peripheral vision. So just by tilting your head, you electronically go from distance to reading, faster than the blink of an eye.

"When they need to look at their watch, they'll just touch their temple and a liquid crystal reading segment pops up and gives them the additional power needed to see close up," said Maglione.

"The wonderful thing about emPower! is that the lens itself gives the wearer all distances from far distance to arms length which is the world we live in," said Maglione.

Nike Long Shirt

Until now, there were bifocals with the Nike Sweatshirt Crop Top

"There's a very wide field of vision," explained Maglione of the new eyeglasses.

If you hold the glasses just right, you can see the embedded liquid crystal. Normally it's nearly invisible. That lets you see up close when you need to. You can also swipe the temple and activate the automatic mode. That turns 'on' the lens when you look down and 'off' the moment you look up, freeing up the entire lens for distance viewing.

line in the middle, or the newer progressive lenses, allowing you to see Nike Long Shirt far away in the center then gradually fading to your reading glasses prescription Nike Windrunner Jacket Navy

"There's a sweet spot and you always have to look through that sweet spot to see," said Tony Banh, the optical manager of Ideal Vision Care in Baton Rouge, referring to the current progressive lenses on the market.

'Smartphone glasses' are unlike anything you've seen before

Nike Long Shirt

Smart lens technology is the biggest advance in glasses since the bifocals.

Nike Long Shirt

Nike Long Shirt

said Dr. Robert Janot, an optometrist from Sulphur, Louisiana.

Nike Long Shirt

Nike Long Shirt

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