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Carter describes herself as the average citizen. She doesn't attend every council meeting, she doesn't know the history of all personnel decisions and why they were made, and she doesn't care to.

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For the last year, unruly city council meetings have put Simpsonville in the spotlight and some say it's embarrassing.

Since December 2012, when then Police Chief Keith Grounsell was fired, there's been two sides.

"The reason I say that we don't care is this: All we care about is knowing that the people who represent us do their jobs. Represent us. All of us. Not just those who speak the loudest. Not just those who you want to represent. Dragging out Nike Hoodie Womens Gold an issue, setting up the city for even more potential Nike Women Windrunner

"There is a third view here that just wants a resolution, and just wants Simpsonville to move on and be the great city we have always been," said Fann.

"The people who are screaming the loudest are getting the attention. And I am over here not saying anything because I am ready for you to move past this," said Carter.

´╗┐Simpsonville citizens

"It's time to move on. What's done is done. It's time to move on and make decision based on the issues and the issues alone," said Carter.

Robin Carter feels the same way. She wrote a letter to city leaders calling for an end to what she calls a vindictive agenda.

the city to listen to that third side that she calls the silent majority.

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Fann is proud of Simpsonville, but embarrassed of Nike Windrunner Black White

lawsuits, costing the taxpayers potentially huge amounts of unnecessary money, and creating a negative and hostile community on display for all to see is not my idea of representing me or my friends. We expect you to do your jobs regardless of any history. Your focus should be on today and making strides for the city's future. We just want to know that our city is being run by people who truly have the citizens' and the city's best interest at heart and not some personal, political or what appears to be a vindictive agenda," Carter said in her letter.

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the way it's being portrayed.

But citizen Beth Fann says there is a third side.

There's the side that agrees with the council members who voted to fire him and there's the side that doesn't. Those two sides became even more divided last week, when the council voted to terminate City Administrator Russ Hawes.

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