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´╗┐SmartMove and Social Security Verification

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I don know how a landlord can verify that the ss number I have been provided matches the identity that was put online. It seems like it limits the value/protection for landlord of the service SmartMove provides.

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Ideally it would be nice to get that when the application is submitted. But the reality is that not everyone carries around their DL and social security card so they may very well not have it with them when they apply.

I don even want to take an application from anybody without the ID being given first. So I certainly won approve an application where the ID hasn been given.

TransUnion SmartMove was designed as a consumer initiated website to help landlords avoid having to pay membership fees and go through stringent compliance to obtain a potential renter's credit and criminal information. Because of this design, the consumer is the one who actually initiates the release of his or her credit and criminal data. To protect the consumer, SmartMove allows them to provide their information directly to TransUnion in a secure, online environment, so it won go any farther. SSN, DOB etc.) that a renter entered online through SmartMove to a prospective Landlord as it would violate our privacy policy, service agreement and the security measures we take to protect personal information. I have attached our privacy policy and the Landlord and Renter Service Agreements [not attached to this message]. For Landlords that wish to report a tenant's rental history, we recommend contacting a collection agency to have any monies owed reported on Nike Sb Hoodie Camo

Having done only 1 verification, it seems to me that SmartMove needs to enable the Tenant/Applicant to be able to send this information, verified by SmartMove, to the Landlord when they do enter into a lease. I understand that they may not want it shared with the landlord if they do not enter a Nike Windrunner Blue And White lease.

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The problem: I never get the social security number once they become a tenant. I can ask them for the ss number when they sign the lease, but now I Nike Pullover Hoodie Grey

Nike Windrunner Blue And White

don have a way to verify it matches what they provided to SmartMove. In the unlikely scenario they give me a fake ss number, or get a digit wrong, I am now in a much worse position to collect unpaid rent if I have to go the collections/garnishment route.


I like that in the application phase a prospective tenant doesn have to give me all their highly sensitive data (social security number mainly), I can just get the non sensitive other information on an application. When that application looks good and is selected, I sent them the email. Then they input their sensitive information and I get a great credit criminal report. This even makes file keeping even easier because I don have to have files locked and highly encrypted/secure because they have social security numbers on them.

I don worry about it too much because the tenant screening I do always tells me if the social security number and DL number match the other information the applicant provided. So, assuming the information verified, as long as I get it before we finalize the agreement I fine with it.

Am I missing something here or is this a major hole in the SmartMove service? I love everything about the service, but won be using it again because of this problem. Thanks.

Nike Windrunner Blue And White

Nike Windrunner Blue And White

Nike Windrunner Blue And White

a credit report. After I have chosen the tenants, I have them bring a copy of their driver license and social security card to give to me when they sign the lease agreement.

Here the response from our rep at SmartMove:

Nike Windrunner Blue And White

I just used SmartMove for the first time and it was great except for one big problem. It is likely the last time I use it.

Nike Windrunner Blue And White

Nike Windrunner Blue And White

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