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The area is a shining representation of modern Britain, a multicultural tract of economic and social diversity.

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Jessica Yeung, 15: When I think of Hyson Green, I think of the huge ASDA that is right in the Nike Hoodie Jd middle.

´╗┐slice of modern Britain

Although I don't live anywhere near Hyson Green, I do think it's a nice area Nike Sweatshirt Purple

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Living nearby, I never fail to visit Hyson Green on a sunny day, buying different foods, checking out the new exhibitions and just chilling out at The Forest recreation ground.

Hyson Green, although some may not agree, is a great place for exploring.

What I really like about Hyson Green is that there's a variety of different people who sell a range of foods and clothing and there's a lot of different things to buy.

Sam Keely, 14: I've never lived in Hyson Green, but it has played a massive part in my life. My primary school was there, so too was my aunt's and grandparents' houses. It was there that I first learned to walk, talk and dance.

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HENA Khan, 14: Nike Black Sweatshirt Mens

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There are a lot of places to go such as the library, the supermarkets, Nike Long Sleeve Dri Fit Mens

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The variety of stores and different nationalities makes Hyson Green a vibrant place to live and work.

Hyson Green brings out a lot of controversy about whether or not it is a good area. The area is home to many nationalities such as Eastern European, African, Asian and Arabian.

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The area is known to be full of activity on the roads and pavements, which can be intimidating, as it is the second most popular place to shop in Nottingham.

You only need to look down Radford Road to see how culturally diverse the area is classical British bakers stand next to authentic Asian restaurants a few yards away from an Iberian coffee shop.

to be when I go there for school.

the restaurants, the schools, the New Art Exchange and the parks, as well as the pound shops which are there to store our essentials at an affordable price.

I think every area has its advantages and disadvantages, but overall I would describe it as a ride around the world.

As well as the traditional factors it also has a great art gallery. The New Art Exchange is beyond exquisite, always providing workshops and exhibitions that are mind blowing and somehow relatable, such as the recent Rashid Rana exhibition.

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