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"The timing of the announcement is simply a matter of the documents and agreements coming together within the last few days," he said.

"And SITE Design and California Skate Park won the bid based on their proposal and what they brought to the table," he said.

The City Council will vote on final contract approval at its Monday meeting, where Mathews plans to sign a contract with SITE Design Group and California Skateparks.

More than half of the projected $1.2 million cost is already available because voters approved a $750,000 earmark for the skate park as part of the March 2011 SPLOST. The remainder will come from corporate or private donations or grants, Mathews said.

"Although there is no such thing as a maintenance free skate park, especially one that is exposed to weather and one that is used heavily, we believe that an active preventive Nike Hoodie With Thumb Holes Mens

"It will draw from across the region," Mathews said. "There's nothing like this anywhere in the Southeast."

maintenance program will limit operating costs," he said.

The idea dates back to 2001, when the city updated its parks master plan, which included surveying residents, who overwhelmingly reported there was not enough for their teenagers to do in the city, Mathews said. Voters approved a bond in 2004 allowing the city to purchase the 42 acre Swift Cantrell Park for $7 million. The master plan for the park presented to residents showed the park would include such features as a skate park.

Mathews said ongoing maintenance costs for the project would be minimal.

Nike Windrunner White And Blue

Mathews said the city issued a request for proposals over the summer for construction drawings to design and build the project.

The mayor denied that his announcement was timed just days before he is up for election on Tuesday.


Nike Windrunner White And Blue

Rob Dyrdek is a celebrity skateboarder, philanthropist and TV star. His foundation helps cities and nonprofits with the development of legal skate plazas.

Vizcaino writes that the Swift Cantrell Skate Park is a "top priority" for Dyrdek's foundation, which has committed to pay for SITE Design Group, Inc.'s construction document and design fees.

RJ Patel, who is president of the Swift Cantrell Park Foundation, a Cobb EMC director and chair of Mathews' re election campaign, said support from area businesses who recognize how this project will promote Kennesaw and the county is also needed.

KENNESAW Mayor Mark Mathews on Thursday announced a partnership with the Rob Dyrdek Foundation to design and build an estimated $1.2 million, 40,000 square foot skate park in the city's Swift Cantrell Park.

"Along with this commitment, the foundation will assist the city of Kennesaw in its efforts to raise the additional monies to cover the funding gap between the current available funds of $750,000 and the final construction cost for the project," Vizcaino writes. "Together we will work hand in hand with the City of Kennesaw, SITE Design Group, Inc. (which will do the design work) and California Skateparks (which will build the structure) to make sure that we build the best skate park in the country."

Dyrdek called him last December to inquire about Kennesaw's plans for a skate park.

"We're potentially looking as early as summer of next year, and that's aggressive," Mathews said.

The connection with Dyrdek came about as members of the park's foundation partnered with an action sports consultant from California, Ron Stebenne, who has family in Kennesaw. When Stebenne learned of the Nike Sweatshirts Without Hoodie

Nike Windrunner White And Blue

If everything goes as planned, skaters can begin skateboarding in the new facility sometime next year.

Nike Windrunner White And Blue

Nike Windrunner White And Blue

Nike Windrunner White And Blue

"On the weekends you can have hundreds of kids out there," said Jeff Drobney, Kennesaw's assistant city manager. "It's a ramp and they have to take turns, but it's very popular."

The city then drew up a conceptual plan for the skate park, which estimated it would cost $1.2 million.

Nike Windrunner White And Blue

Mathews said Dyrdek hosts skateboarding tournaments across the country covered by ESPN, which culminate at the end of each year with a winner earning a $1 million Nike Hoodies Kids

"If our kids were being arrested for playing baseball on private property, we would rally to find funding for new public fields," Paul Vizcaino, executive director of the Rob Dyrdek Foundation, wrote in an Oct. 31 letter to the City. "This is the reality for street skateboarders, and that reality fuels the passion and vision of the Rob Dyrdek Foundation to build safe and legal places for America's 11 million skateboarding kids."

While they waited for funding, they installed a temporary, Nike Windrunner White And Blue wooden, $25,000 skate park on the site in 2008 until a permanent could be built.

"He said 'that sounds like exactly what I want to do, and I'm looking for the place to build the first permanent street league plaza skate facility,'" Mathews said. "I said, 'well, we've got it. We've got a city that's on board. The community's on board. We need to talk."

Nike Windrunner White And Blue

"We felt like it would be a while before we could do that because we knew the economy was turning, and we knew we weren't going to be able to go out and bond it or we weren't going to take any risks with a project of that size," Mathews said.

Mathews said the design will provide elements for skateboarders of all skill levels.

´╗┐Skate tacular Kennesaw to build 1 2M 40 000 square foot skate park

Nike Windrunner White And Blue

Nike Windrunner White And Blue

skate park, he got the city in touch with the Dyrdek Foundation.

No property taxes will ever be raised to finish the park, Mathew said. If the rest of the funding cannot be raised, the skatepark will simply be constructed to match the funds available.

Nike Windrunner White And Blue

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