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Jacoby said students will bring in their old T shirts and will be making them into re usable grocery bags to sell to help fund a bridge that they plan on building over the wetlands so that students at Skyview will have better access to them for learning purposes.

The project that the students are participating in for Kendra Jacoby's second grade class and Roxanne Visconti's first grade class won't end on May 4. Jacoby said it will be an on going learning experience for the classes.

Nike Tracksuit Womens Black And White

Nike Tracksuit Womens Black And White

Skyview has met with school district officials to see if the sprinkler system could be shut off on that side of the school so the wetlands area would only receive natural water from the moisture and runoff.

"I just like seeing weird stuff and figuring out stuff," Frankie Nike Tracksuit Womens Black And White said. "Usually kids don't get to learn this stuff and don't get to see this stuff, and I think it's really cool for us to be able to see it."

"I am part of a test group doing projects all over the Denver Metro Area and northern Colorado," Jacoby said. "Our campaign will last at least through this spring, and we are hoping that it becomes a service learning project that will last for years to come. Our objectives are to rehabilitate the wetlands that are on the east side of our school grounds, and learn more about recycling and why it's so important for our environment."

in the rehabilitation process. We want to make it into more of a natural area. Eventually, we want to reseed it and replant it into native grasses and native plants that attract birds, butterflies, Nike Jacket Therma Fit

"It's fun for all of us because we all enjoy it," Makayla said. "It's really important to us because if we don't learn about wetlands, we might not know what one is."

Skyview students learning to rehabilitate the wetlands and save their environment

Second grader Frankie Lucero, 8, said it's fun for her, too.

insects that the kids can study in that natural environment that would be native to Colorado. We're hoping to build either a walkway or a bridge over it so that it has easier access."

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"Giving them that global awareness and just really helping them to see not just what happens here in Windsor, but overall and the impact is important," Visconti said.

First and second grade students at Skyview Elementary School are learning the importance of making the environment and the world they live in a better place.

Nike Tracksuit Womens Black And White

Nike Tracksuit Womens Black And White

Second grader Makayla Kueny, 7, said the project has been a cool experience.

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Nike Tracksuit Womens Black And White

"They are really excited about what's going on," Jacoby said. "They know they will be able to see what happens in the long run."

"The goal is to make it as an outside classroom. It will probably take us about five years to do it," Jacoby said. "We have teachers at the high school that are interested in being able to use it, and come help us Nike Jacket Black White

Jacoby and Visconti said the students are really buying into the project, especially the 240 foot long by 80 foot wide wetlands on the east side of the school.

The project started in February and has been extensive for the students, who also write in a reflection journal about what they're learning for a language arts experience that also ties it to the state's standards and curriculum.

"They can teach their parents because most of us didn't learn this kind of stuff at this age," Jacoby said. "They learn the importance of what a healthy earth would be like if we all Nike Long Sleeve With Hood

The Greeley Conservation District visited Skyview and did a lesson with its Riparian Water trailer. Jacoby said experts from Colorado State University and the city of Fort Collins are coming to Skyview to teach the students more about the rehabilitation of wetlands.

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Nike Tracksuit Womens Black And White

Visconti said the students went to the Fort Collins Recycling Center and visited the garbage garage recently, and they saw what a landfill looks like.

Alexis Joens, outreach coordinator for Gallegos Sanitation in Fort Collins, concluded a four week run of speaking engagements Thursday by talking to the students about the importance of recycling, composting and water conservation, which fits in with the service part of the project.

"It's really important because when kids learn at this age they take that life lesson with them as they grow up, and they also go home and teach their parents," Joens said.

Jacoby and Visconti said it's important for young kids to learn about the importance of taking care of their environment.

The students, 44 in all, are participating in a service learning project sponsored by the Roots Shoots program that is a part of The Jane Goodall Foundation, and they'll wrap up the project by going on a field trip to the Ritchie Center on the campus of the University of Denver on May 4. They'll participate in STEMosphere exhibits with the keynote speaker being the legendary Goodall, who will reflect on her career and emphasize how young people can ensure a better future for the world. Skyview is a STEM school which stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics and the STEMosphere is a five hour informational event for kindergartners through 12th graders that features interactive, informational exhibits, creative competitions and networking among those with an interest in STEM, arts and entrepreneurship in Colorado.

The students are receiving hands on instruction and are listening to speakers from Windsor and around northern Colorado. Windsor Mayor John Vzquez talked about public service and its importance.

do our own part to keep it that way."

Nike Tracksuit Womens Black And White

Nike Tracksuit Womens Black And White

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