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Meeden said he heard about the shooting on the morning news but didn't think it was Callahan until after receiving an email from his co workers at Lassiter that a former student had died.

in Alpharetta between January and June of 2011, completing the basic law enforcement training course and earned his Peace Officer certification through the state of Georgia.

Callahan's family has not spoken to the media, but a friend, a former Lassiter counselor and his swim coach have all described his death Nike Training Tracksuit as a "tremendous" loss.

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MARIETTA A 2006 Lassiter High School graduate who was killed in the line of duty this week is being remembered as nurturing, selfless and a "strong addition" to the east Cobb community.

He learned about the shooting from a mutual friend and was able to visit Callahan in the hospital Monday before he died.

He last saw his friend of almost 15 years a couple of weeks ago, when they talked about Callahan's job as an officer, one he only started four months ago.

Clayton County Police Officer Sean Callahan, 24, responded to a domestic call at a Motel 6 in Stockbridge on Monday. While Callahan attempted to arrest the couple in question, the male suspect ran and a chase ensued. The suspect, whose name is not being released by Clayton police, fired at Callahan, hitting him twice.

A university spokesperson said Callahan attended the college's north Fulton campus Nike Windrunner Men White

Justin Baker, who met Callahan when they were attending Mabry Middle School, said Tuesday that it may sound clich, but this tragedy couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

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Glenn Meeden, who coached Callahan in swimming in 2004 and 2005, said the former athlete was a good swimmer and swam in a number of events.

Nike Training Tracksuit

We need to understand that, liberal pap to the contrary, there really is no such thing as a gun free zone, and despite all the laws in the world that legally deny guns to convicted felons or unstable persons, there will always be guns out there in the hands of anti social criminals and psychopaths. More gun control laws might make some folk feel good, but the hard reality is more gun control laws are not the answer, especially laws that demonize law abiding responsible citizens who have the Consitutional right to bear arms for self defense.

"We take pride in the fact that he died doing something so honorable," she said.

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"He said he loved it and told me that he was on his own now and it's fun," Baker said.

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She recalled him talking about studying criminal justice in college and believes that's what led him to enroll at Reinhardt University.

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Nike Training Tracksuit

´╗┐Slain Clayton County officer a Lassiter Graduate

"I don't know anybody who defines that more than Sean," Baker said. "I was so proud to call him an officer. He was always very nurturing and caring, very selfless and he always put others before him, and with law enforcement, his personal qualities flowed over into his professional career."

Dawson Hardy hasn't seen Callahan since he graduated from Nike Black Long Sleeve Women's

Callahan's school counselor at Lassiter, Millie Dawson Hardy, remembered him as being a quiet and shy but very "memorable" and "sweet" young man who struggled a little in school but faced the challenges head on and always stayed positive.

Other press reports advise the person who shot Officer Callahan twice in the head was a convicted felon who served 15 years for aggravated assault, and after release from prison Nike Long Sleeve Running Top Womens

on that charge violated his parole, was sent back to prison for parole violation, and only released seven months ago. Wouldn't a convicted felon such as this be prohibited from having possession of a firearm ? Why is that not part of the reporting on this tragedy ?

"As soon as I saw his picture, then I knew that's the Sean Callahan we had there," he said. "When you lose someone, especially in that way, it's pretty tough. It's a tremendous loss and our hearts go out to his family."

Nike Training Tracksuit

Nike Training Tracksuit

Lassiter six years ago but was proud to hear that he had become a police officer.

He couldn't recall exactly which stroke was his strongest but said, "I could tell you he was a good kid and made a strong addition to the swim team and Lassiter community."

"We are so tremendously sad today," Dawson Hardy said Tuesday afternoon. "There are many of us here on the staff who remember Sean."

Nike Training Tracksuit

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