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a harmonious global Commonwealth or family of nations."

´╗┐Six candidates battling for East Kilbride

"The expenses scandal has disgusted people and so it should. I was appalled to see politicians of all parties with their snouts in the trough.

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"The SNP is working hard for Scotland and the people and communities we represent. At all levels, council, Parliament and Government, we hear peoples concerns and are working hard to promote Scotland's interests. Our team is working to be national and local champions.

"When I was elected as a councillor in 2007 I decided that I would not claim expenses and I haven't not one penny.

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His experience, working for one of Britain's largest unions, has given him a deep understanding of the needs of working people.

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We can either go on with five more years of Gordon Brown, or we can have Nike Jacket Uk a fresh start with a government led by David Cameron.

His record in the union movement and as a local councillor makes him the right person to serve as the next MP for East Kilbride, Strathaven Lesmahagow.

"My working and voluntary life has been committed to addressing community needs. As your MP, I would spend all my time working for local people""BRITAIN needs change. East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow needs change. On Thursday next week the people of this area can vote for it.

As a councillor and depute leader of South Lanarkshire Council, he has a reputation for getting things done and making a difference. He understands the issues facing our communities.

"THE global system presently in operation is collapsing due to over population. In addition, we cannot countenance more growth as this will result in the further depletion of land and forest, with species loss.

are now recognising that without the SNP, Scotland's interests can be ignored. However, we can and will give Scotland a stronger voice in London. We are offering people the opportunity to have their say on Scotland's future, to decide the sort of country they want Scotland to be, through our referendum. And because, as a party we are of Scotland and for Scotland, we care most about Scottish success."

"ELECTED Greens have made a real difference to people's lives. We've won votes against Trident, introduced law on Hate Crimes and developed a free home insulation programme. Lanarkshire Greens have held other parties to account on housing waiting lists Nike Long Sleeve Maroon

I'm not doing this public role to fill my boots. But I do get something out of it the joy that comes with helping people solve their problems.

Michael listens to what people say and has set up community groups to allow their voices to be heard.

"The recognition of the need to end growth will be far reaching. To deal with employment issues, we would need to introduce a system which recognises the need for job sharing. Those who work for the upkeep of the community will have their basic needs provided for.

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"AS the election looms, it has become clear through our localised campaigning, that the constituents of East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow want more than just another politician, they want a local champion.

MICHAEL is 46 and lives in the constituency with his wife Tracy and their two children.

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"Britain is broken. The answer to our problems is surely not giving the reins of power back to the man who got us here.

He delivered the introduction of Integrated Children's Services in the Clydesdale and Larkhall area and is the Joint Chair of the 2011 International Children Games Committee.

"Green votes matter and this election will also see Greens in Westminster for the first time. We will create an economy built around people one that makes a priority of a living wage for all, not banker's bonuses; we will protect our public services from pointless cuts, instead ending the billions wasted on the renewal of Trident and we will campaign for a 170 per week pension. And we will support new jobs in energy, social housing and small businesses.

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"More and more people Nike Jacket Storm Fit

"It will be the task of the Scottish nation, as the guiding principle of the human race, to lead humanity to the establishment of Nike Hoodies Dri Fit

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and continued bulldozing of our vital greenspaces.

"Such far reaching reforms will bring an end to the market based system as well as to the supremacy of the bankers.

"An end has to be brought to politics itself. Politics is fundamental to our problems and should be phased out.

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