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What kind of business makes decisions without thinking about profit Especially a utility business?

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Thought of a great analogy. for lamp oil. They don care if Nike Tracksuits Womens

´╗┐since Level3 is pushing more data

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That true, and an exceptionally strong argument for forcing ISPs to be utility providers that are not allowed to have content businesses. It back to Econ 101.

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> in this case, since Level3 is pushing more data, they would be the ones payingNo. That not how the internet works. Nobody PUSHES data. Double billing for a single service is a neat trick if you can pull it off. But it tends not to engender goodwill.

And that is the main problem here: ISP are competing with themselves. This is why everyone hails Google Fiber so much: it a dedicated internet service provider, and does not compete with another branch of the same company. As a result, they (or any dedicated ISP for that matter) will try to get their users the best internet experience and speed out there. In theory anyway.

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1) Level3 has offered to split the cost with the Big5 ISP of upgrading their infrastructure.[1] This would increase throughput and capacity for both Level3 and the consumer networks.2) Netflix has offered free Open Connect Appliances to all major ISP This would allow consumer networks to only download a video once, then serve it up locally within their network to all their customers. In network traffic is almost free for the ISP Netflix has offered to change their entire distribution model into a P2P model.[3] This would allow consumer networks to only download a video once, then serve it up locally within their network to all customers. In network traffic is almost free for Nike Women's Jacket White

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The problem with this is that to some extent, the content business effectively sponsors the internet business. See the difference.

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you run sewing machines or home appliances at the going rate for electricity but every night after dark, they determine whether you streaming Nike Men Windrunner electricity to power your light, and if so they intermittantly dim the power (to well below the level you paying for), expressly to give you an awful experience and retard the adoption of electricity. Instead, they are supposed to provide more than just internet access(in theory at least).

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Nobody says ISPs should ignore short term profit considerations. However, more and more people are saying by ignoring everything else, they are making their customers and themselves a disservice. This is a dangerous game, and a business which thinks they can make money while pissing off their customers is putting itself Nike Full Sleeves Jersey

ISP of these options have been flat out refused. The Big5 ISP are purely after the money. All decisions about capacity are about how much money we make or lose. We intentionally keeping bandwidth constrained because we know it will severely impact our cable TV business.

in danger. Sometimes it can be sustained, but in many cases in the long run the customers would either leave or set the regulators on them.

The bulk of your "business internet line" services are really only expensive due to the SLA that is attached. Drop your SLA, and the price will drop sometimes up to 80% (even though it is still technically "business internet connection" and is on the same business line subnet, etc).

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