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Larger than life cartoon figures Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie strolled among fans in their newly adopted hometown for the world premiere of "The Simpsons Movie." The Hollywood brain trust behind the Simpsons also descended on Springfield, population 9,300, for the celebration.

Groening said that he loves Homer's doughnut obsession, but he said his favorite Simpson is the daughter, Lisa. "She's going to escape the cartoon Springfield," he said.

"They are cartoons, you know," he told reporters.

Later Groening said he was sure that the Fox cartoon series would add some Vermont touches in future episodes.

"As Homer would say, 'WooHooooooo!!!!!," Groening told the crowd at one point, with his fist in the air.

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Two members of Phish, the now disbanded Vermont band, also attended the festivities. Keyboardist Page McConnell played in the opening act of the day and Phish bass player Mike Gordon walked the yellow carpet as well. McDonnell said he had known Groening for years and was a longtime Simpsons fan. showing. A total of 600 tickets were given away to fans who came to Springfield.

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Chamber of Commerce who was responsible for the Simpsons coming to Springfield, a special plaque with a cartoon of the Homer and family leaving the Springfield Theater.

Homer is Cota's favorite character. "He's a lovable goof you find in every blue collar town," Cota said, who said he knew of several Homers in Bellows Falls.

Matt Groening, the creator of "The Simpsons," which is based in a fictional Springfield, was at the center of attention. He was described as the one responsible "for putting the funk in dysfunctional."

Eileen Hongisto of Springfield brought her grandchildren to see the festivities. It was rumored that Fox brought some of its big box office stars along for the promotion. "I heard Bruce Willis and Jim Carrey were going to be here," she said.

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it's a premiere," said Cota.

Groening gave Patty Chaffee, the executive vice president of the Springfield Nike Jacket Green And White

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"I'm kind of crazy," he said, pulling up his yellow "Simpsons The Movie" T shirt.

"Homer demands a beer before every shot and after every shot," Silverman said.

Springfield, Vt., while it never pretended Nike Ladies Jacket

The more than 3,500 people who crowded into the downtown cheered when asked if they were from Springfield, Vt.

"We thought it would be funny if we showed up in tuxedos Nike Tech Fleece Long Sleeve Crew - Men's

´╗┐Small town is Simpsons USA for one day

The Oscar winning director James Brooks, who is the executive producer of the movie and the cartoon series, said that the film would have its Los Angeles debut on Tuesday, and Nike Tracksuit Tech its worldwide premiere on Friday, July 27. The 13 other Springfields that participated in the USA Today contest will have mini premieres on July 26 as a consolation prize.

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And Fuller brought along a Bart Simpson piata that he said he had made in Spanish class.

"Springfield, Vt. Rules Man!" Groening wrote on the plaque.

Groening attributed Homer's funny zigzag on his head, the fact that the Simpsons never grow old and their bright yellow skin to the presence of the nuclear plant in town. He said viewers are attracted to the characters because they never grow old.

There were from as far away as Arizona and Florida, and there were media crews from Russia, Germany, England, Denmark and Spain, as well as the United States.

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Director David Silverman said that Homer was an easy star to work with as long as you kept beer handy.

to be the Springfield in the movie or cartoon series, does have several things in common with the cartoon town. It has a movie theater, bowling alley, prison, and a few pubs, and there is a brewery in neighboring Windsor. And of course, there's Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant 45 miles away in Vernon.

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He declined to name names, however.

Springfield won the right to all the Hollywood attention 10 days ago, when its video showing "Springfield Spirit" won a contest among 13 other towns and cities named Springfield. The Vermont town was the underdog from the beginning because it wasn't invited to participate originally and it started its video two weeks before the deadline.

SPRINGFIELD Thousands of fans turned downtown Springfield into Simpsons USA on Saturday. Rabid fans crowded into the downtown square to pay homage to the world's most dysfunctional cartoon family by dressing up as their favorite characters: Women posed as Marge with tall blue beehives, skateboarding kids imitated the incorrigible Bart, and young men sported Homer tattoos.

Fuller said he has been a Simpsons fan since he was 5 years old.

Springfield Town Manager Robert Forguites gave Groening the key to the town, but noted that it wouldn't open the doors to the state prison.

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