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With Google Now, if you say for example, it will look at your usual commute to work and show you alternative routes if there a lot of traffic. It will tell you the scores of your favourite sports teams automatically, and it will keep you up to date on flight statuses if you are flying somewhere. You have to activate Google Now to start using it.

Nike Hoodie Jacket For Girls

Google made the announcements during a keynote to open its annual conference in San Francisco for computer programmers.

The feature bears resemblance to the Siri virtual assistant on Apple iPhone.

Nike Hoodie Jacket For Girls

´╗┐small tablet computer

Nike Hoodie Jacket For Girls

Google Now, the tool will be part of Jelly Bean, which will be available in mid July. Some devices, including the Galaxy Nexus, will get the upgrade automatically over the air.

SAN FRANCISCO Google is unveiling a small tablet computer bearing its brand in a challenge to Amazon Kindle Fire. also sells for its tablet computer.

Earlier Wednesday, Google unveiled a new search tool to help you get the right information at the Nike Hoodie Original

Nike Hoodie Jacket For Girls

Nike Hoodie Jacket For Girls

purchase of Motorola Mobility, but the company has stressed that it intends to continue to rely on Asus and other manufacturers that have embraced Android.

Nike Hoodie Jacket For Girls

Nike Hoodie Jacket For Girls

Apple already has announced that the next version of the iPad operating system will abandon Google digital maps as the built in navigation system. That shift could cause neighbourhood merchants to spend less money advertising on Google.

Google said more people use Google Plus from mobile devices than traditional computers. On Wednesday, it introduced a Google Plus app for Android tablets and said one for the iPad is coming soon. Last week, Microsoft Corp. announced its own tablet, Surface. Expected to go on sale this fall, Surface will run on a revamped version of Windows and compete directly with the iPad.

The Nexus Seven will ship in mid July starting at US$199 the same price as the Kindle Fire. By contrast, iPads start at $499.

Google said there are a million new Android devices activated daily, up from 400,000 a year ago. Google says there particularly fast growth in emerging markets such as Brazil and India. Android is now the chief rival to the mobile software running Apple iPhone and iPad.

Google Inc. said the Google Now feature will get smarter as you use it more.

Both tablets have screens that measure 7 inches (17.5 centimetres) diagonally, smaller than the nearly 10 inches (25 centimetres) on Apple Inc. popular iPad. The Nexus Seven will also be light at about 0.75 pound (0.34 kilogram), compared with the Kindle Fire 0.9 pound (0.41 kilogram). The iPad weighs 1.44 pounds Nike Hoodie Jacket For Girls (0.65 kilograms).

If Apple and Amazon establish themselves as the dominant tablet makers, they could set up their operating systems in ways that de emphasize Google Internet search engine and other services. Apple develops its own system, while Amazon modifies Android for use in Kindles.

Google also demonstrated its futuristic, Internet connected glasses by having parachutists jump out of a plane above San Francisco. The audience got live video feeds from their glasses as they descended to land on the roof of the Moscone Center, the location of the conference.

Nike Hoodie Jacket For Girls

Although the tablet carries the Google brand, the machine will be made by AsusTek Computer Inc. Google also recently expanded into the device making business with its $12.5 billion Nike Windrunner Navy Blue

There are already other Android powered tablets on the market, but none have proven nearly as popular as the iPad or Kindle Fire. That has raised worries at Google as more people rely on tablets to surf the Internet.

The Nexus Seven will run the next version of Google Inc. Android operating system, called Jelly Bean.

Jelly Bean will also come with the ability to share photos by tapping two phones together, using an emerging wireless technology called near field communications.

At the event, Google provided an update on its Google Plus social network, which the company considers crucial to challenging Facebook Inc. for users and advertising. Google said the year old social network now has 250 million, far smaller than Facebook more than 900 million but larger than what Facebook had at the one year mark.

Google also announced a home entertainment device called Nexus Q. It sends content from your personal collection or YouTube to your existing TV and speaker systems. You control it through a separate Android phone or tablet. initially and sell for $299.

right time on your mobile device. Called Nike Men Jacket Blue

Nike Hoodie Jacket For Girls

Nike Hoodie Jacket For Girls

Nike Hoodie Jacket For Girls

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