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"I went to CLU with the intention of going on to the seminary," he said. After a year and a half at CLU, he went to Europe on a Youth With a Mission program, intending to complete his degree when he returned. But when he got back, he got a job as a graphic designer at an ad agency in Westlake Village.

Through art professor Michael Pearce, Nike Tracksuit Black Mens

He plans to do three more in the series, on the issues of hunger, homelessness and clean water, he said. All were done from photos and videos.

in our own lives," he said.

Nike Jacket Red And Blue

"I want to be able to mentor students on how to create art that can tell a story, what's in their heart," he said. "My whole philosophy is connecting people, the sacredness of life," he said. "I think if I can find beauty in the simple, quiet things and connect with people on a deeper, spiritual level, my art is a success."

Nike Jacket Red And Blue

Although the title of Rich Brimer's exhibit at Caf on A in Oxnard is "Faces," he hopes the viewer will look beyond that and connect with the inner person.

Then he was hired to do some promotions for a woman who started an artist studio in Washington.

Religion is a common theme to Brimer, an ordained pastor. But he works full time as a graphic artist at Amgen in Thousand Oaks and also does videos for nonprofit organizations and businesses.

Brimer got involved in the Arts Council of the Conejo Valley and currently serves as membership director.

Nike Jacket Red And Blue

Nike Jacket Red And Blue

"She hooked me," he said. "That was it the beginning of me working in art again."

"I drew ducks all over the place because someone told me I was good at it," he said. "My grandmother asked me to sign one of the duck drawings that was a validation." His grandmother saved his drawings under the glass in her coffee table for years, he said.

While living in Washington, he did some commercial illustration for a company that makes souvenir coffee mugs kitsch art, as he described it.

"So I started doing some drawing and painting, and they were buying my art and putting it on stuff," he said. "I was finally making a physical connection with my art that really fascinated me."

Nike Jacket Red And Blue

The show features other examples of the Simi Valley artist's work, but a set of three diptych oil paintings on one brightly painted wall are especially poignant. From his "Face of Love" series, they are not your typical portraits, Brimer is quick to point out.

"My hope with these, because they are a little more interesting than a pretty face, is that there will be a connection with our human Nike Jackets Mens

"I got married, had kids and started a graphic design career," he said. "I was very creative with graphic designs, created Web sites, was an art director for a publication company, but did nothing in the fine arts."

Nike Jacket Red And Blue

Nike Jacket Red And Blue

He made money from his art right from the beginning. Back in fifth grade in Long Beach he drew Looney Tunes characters on paper bag book covers, colored them with bright enamel paint and sold them to his friends for a dollar.

Nike Jacket Red And Blue

Back in California, he painted with the Southern California Nike Jacket Red And Blue Plein Air Painters Association in Lake Forest, developing a love for outdoor painting.

The "Face of Love" paintings are based on the Parable of the Sheep and the Goats in Matthew 25 from the Bible basically "Whatever you do to the least of my brothers, you do unto me." The paintings show the compassion of people coming to each other's aid.

After high school, he went to Mount San Antonio College in Walnut, then decided he wanted to be a youth minister and transferred to California Lutheran University.

"Painting is my real passion, but it's harder to make money in nonbusiness art," he said.

They moved to Simi Valley in 2003, when he became associate pastor at Calvary Chapel. He started working for Amgen in 2005 and completed his degree at CLU in 2007.

´╗┐Simi artist hopes his paintings spark a human connection

One can feel the distress of an elderly man in a sickbed or the frustration and loneliness of a prostitute and of inmates in prison.

"When we do these things to each other, it allows us to have a connection with God," Brimer said.

Nike Jacket Red And Blue

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