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The Concert in Nike Jackets Girls the Park held Aug. 10 as part of the Mussel Soiree was a huge success. The bands rocked the audience from the beginning to the end with their high energy performances and owned the stage with their raw talent on vocals, guitars, bass, drums and a variety of other instruments.

Nike Jackets Girls

Nike Jackets Girls

Nike Jackets Girls

Nike Jackets Girls

Another event I attended was the gospel concert held on Aug. 11 at the Salvation Army Church to raise funds for the Nike Sweatshirts Green

to look up to see bottom and there is someone who loves us and cares for us even when we feel alone and hopeless.

I talked to at least one member from each of the bands that performed at the Soiree and they all had the same goal to give the audience a great show, get them involved and have an awesome time doing so.

Nike Jackets Girls

It was also all about music and had an impact on the audience. The difference was the people who were singing weren't trained professionals entertaining an audience.

Nike Jackets Girls

Songs for entertaining are sung about heartbreak, relationships and hurt we face in life, but songs for changing lives are for the heartbroken, the separated and healing we need in life.

Nike Jackets Girls

They have made a career out of entertaining other people some of them have been doing it for years others are relatively new. At the end of the day when the music fades the entertainment is forgotten. Sure people will be talking about the concert for a while, but it will end up on the back burner of everyone's memory.

They weren't singing to entertain and be forgotten, they were singing to share a message of hope that there is more to life than what we see. There is help when the problems of life have us in the place where we have Nike Hoodie White And Red

and humble hearts.

The people who sang were the people you see everyday at the grocery store, the mall and community events. Ask them why they sing and what they sing and they will no doubt answer it is because of a thankful heart and a message to share with others. The gospel concert was a mix of powerful voices Nike Hoodies High Neck

Nike Jackets Girls

Nike Jackets Girls

This event too had a full house and when I arrived about five minutes before the start I was left looking for a seat.

Children's Wish Foundation.

They were people whose lives had been changed by a personal decision to become a Christian a believer in Jesus Christ, a reader and follower of the Bible and a living testament to what God can do in a person's life.

Nike Jackets Girls

They entertained the crowd and had them shouting for more. The louder the music pumped from the speakers the louder they cheered. I can say this because I was there right at the front taking pictures for the Pilot. I even ventured up on the stage to take photos of the audience (and you thought I had a secret singing talent).

These bands have practiced countless hours to perfect their stage show and stay on top of the "stage presence" podium. The higher the entertainment value of a show the higher the ticket prices can soar and the higher the demand for the band.

Nike Jackets Girls

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