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lapatinib (Tyverb) with capecitabine (Xeloda, a chemotherapeutic drug), which is standard treatment for unresponsive advanced breast cancer, or

If the patients experienced side effects the treatments could be postponed, the dose could be reduced or the treatment discontinued.

safety and the number and severity of side effects that patients receiving the two different treatments experienced

Although the study found that patients taking T DM1 experienced fewer side effects compared with standard treatment, hair loss was not looked at specifically.

the response rate whether there was an improvement in the overall state of the disease, such as a slowing in the growth of the tumour or tumours

The news is based on the publication of the results of a new trial for treatment of a type ofbreast cancerknown as HER2 positive breast cancer, which accounts for aroundone in five cases. HER2 is a protein found on the surface of normal breast cells, which helps cells grow and divide. It is found at abnormally high levels on some breast cancer cells, triggering abnormal cell growth and division.

failed to respond to the standard drug treatment of trastuzumab (Herceptin) and a taxene (a chemotherapeutic agent).

progression free survival the length of time until patients experienced disease progression or death from any cause

Where did the story come from?

overall survival the amount of time until death from any cause

Nike Long Sleeve Dri Fit Mens

It was published in thepeer reviewed journal, the New England Journal Nike Long Sleeve Dri Fit Mens of Medicine.

"New 'smart' breast cancer drug gives an extra six months of life and stops loss of hair," states the headline in the Daily Mail.

The researchers compared a number of factors, including:

In this study researchers looked at a new type of drug called T DM1. This is a 'combination drug' consisting of trastuzumab and a toxic agent called DM1. DM1 is toxic not just to cancerous cells but also to healthy cells, so it can cause a wide range of unpleasant side effects. By joining DM1 to trastuzumab the drug can be targeted to cancerous cells, reducing the amount and severity of side effects. This is in addition to the HER2 blocking activity of trastuzumab.

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Nike Long Sleeve Dri Fit Mens

The coverage was broadly accurate, although there were several puzzling reports that the new drug would reduce the hair loss traditionally associated with cancer treatment.

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The researchers recruited 991 patients with locally advanced or metastatic HER2 positive breast cancer. These patients:

The study was carried Nike Jackets Leather

The research was reported on in The Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Daily Mirror and Channel 4 News.

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time until symptom progression the amount Nike Tracksuit Poly

Not all women respond to this treatment, which means that the cancer can spread out of the breast into other parts of the body (advanced breast cancer).

research involve?

the new drug T DM1.

The new drug T DM1 was found to increase the survival of patients and reduce side effects, when compared with standard treatment.

'Smart drug' offers breast cancer hope From Bradford Telegraph and Argus

The current treatment of choice for this type of cancer combines traditional chemotherapy with a medication calledHerceptin (trastuzumab), which blocks the harmful effects of the HER2 protein.

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could not be treated with surgery (usually this is because the cancer has spread out of the breast so surgery would not provide an effective cure) and

What did the Nike Hoodies Navy Blue

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Nike Long Sleeve Dri Fit Mens

Nike Long Sleeve Dri Fit Mens

This exciting study has shown the efficacy and safety of T DM1 for patients with advanced breast cancer. However, it should be remembered that this treatment is only suitable for HER2 positive cancers. This treatment will now proceed to licensing and regulatory approval.

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What kind of research was this?

They were randomly assigned to receive either:

out by an international team of researchers and was funded by F. Hoffmann La Roche/Genentech the manufacturer of this drug.

This was a randomised controlled trial. It aimed to compare the efficacy and safety of a new drug (T DM1) for HER2 positive advanced breast cancer with the current standard treatment used as a second choice after trastuzumab has failed. This current standard second line treatment is lapatinib plus capecitabine. This is the ideal trial design to address this question.

of time before symptoms of advanced breast cancer, such as bone pain, appeared

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