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Actually, the existence of privilege needs Nike Sweatshirt Half Zip empirical evidence, and until then it just a hypothesis. Empirically that claim doesn apply to me. Besides, women programmers have some privilege over me: they don need to waste one year in forced labour. All women are basically one year ahead of me because of military service.

it retroactively by giving thoughtful effort.

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´╗┐Silent Technical Privilege

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You forgot child labour. Nike Jackets Black

It was posted on HN before the crash and hit the first page with 268 pts but then the HN ids were reset after the rollback and id 7017480 got assigned to some comment on some other article (you can look it up on HN search or in google)

so that people would listen to me. It worked.

For anyone curious, it happened again (8 days later) with repost: https: only posting this because I opened the comments and the article in background tabs, read the article, read the comments and refreshed the comments page (my usual workflow on HN) only to see them turned off and the topic marked dead. It actually my first time witnessing this. And I not sure how I feel about it.

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This was buried ridiculously quickly. If the same rule applies to stories on privilege or equality in tech, I be worried.

The second good article about ethics and technology since HN came back up. Maybe they should crash more often, sure beats articles about "x does y better"

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See how you didn notice the privilege or is that still not enough empirical evidence?

I started observing it happen to me in high school, and it sort of continued through life. (Surely it was happening long before that, but I didn notice when I was much younger.) At this point I can see it happening in realtime. Getting credit that you didn earn, at least for me, is one of the most powerful ways to get me to strive to earn Nike Long Sleeve Thermal Hoodie

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