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Nike Sb Hoodie Blue

The mixture afire was mostly butane and propane, heavy gases which sank to the ground right where the crew was working.

"I said, 'No, you're wrong,'" Christine said recently, recalling the day. "Then I heard him speak."

Nike Sb Hoodie Blue

His face is still red in places, but it's not noticeable from more than a couple of feet away. His arms and legs are still badly burned and scabbed over in some places. He's lost weight.

again opened the doors. That's not Tim. She was wrong.

Sixty percent of Tim's skin was burned to some degree. Just more than 20 percent was covered in third degree burns. Christine, a medical professional with more than 25 years of experience, knew those numbers weren't favorable.

She opened the back doors. The first patient was rolled in. That's not Tim. Nike Windrunner Women's Black And White

´╗┐Sinclair fire victim nears full recovery

Nike Sb Hoodie Blue

Then the second. She Nike Dri Fit Hoodie Green

Medical staff members rushed Tim into the hospital. He was the most badly burned of all the workers, Christine said. They put him on breathing support, and pumped him full of fluids to combat dehydration and infection. Christine performed a CT scan on her husband.

"It was just extreme pain," he said. "They say the only worse pain is bone cancer."

The unit was shut down that morning for maintenance. Bjork and other workers were changing some chemicals, he said, when the valve ignited.

Sitting on a couch in his Rawlins home earlier this month, few signs of Bjork's experience remain.

Nike Sb Hoodie Blue

The ambulance driver assured Christine that was her husband.

Nike Sb Hoodie Blue

Nike Sb Hoodie Blue

She was right.

Bjork's eyes swelled shut for three days.

Christine Bjork was scanning a patient at Carbon County Memorial Hospital in Rawlins on May 8 when a co worker approached her for help.

Nike Sb Hoodie Blue

A fourth worker Tim Jaramillo was released that night with minor injuries.

Ambulances were en route to the hospital. Christine waited.

The flames swallowed Bjork, burning his face, arms and legs.

She said there had been a horrible accident at the refinery. Tim had been involved. They didn't know to what extent, but they knew his condition was bad.

Bjork's job rarely takes him outside. He spends most days working as a boardman, running a unit from a computer that controls the level of heat and the flow rate in a refining unit. He's a third generation refinery worker both his father and grandfather worked at the Sinclair refinery, and his brother works there now.

"I still did my job even though it was him," she said. "It's probably the hardest thing I've ever done in my Nike Sb Hoodie Blue life."

Bjork, Eric Hansen and Quinn McCartney, all Sinclair workers, were severely burned. Nike White Hoodie Mens

Nike Sb Hoodie Blue

Bjork, a longtime radioactive technologist, thought perhaps a patient was being unruly and staff members needed additional help.

Nike Sb Hoodie Blue

Nike Sb Hoodie Blue

Her co worker pulled her into the hall. Tears welled in her eyes.

Nike Sb Hoodie Blue

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