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We've been in Seattle for a little over a week already, can you believe it? As we do more exploring, we're slowly getting a better sense of the city, and since we have so much to do and see, we thought it'd be a good idea to document our weekend adventures in a new series appropriately titled Saturday + Sunday. We've been toting our cameras around with us wherever we go so we can capture our new home and share it here on the blog. Until we run out of things to do (If that's even possible!), you can expect a weekend recap every Monday.

If you want to get in on the action, you have until 11:59 pm today to vote. Head over to the museum's social media accounts and start liking!

Nike Red Jackets

Nike Red Jackets

I'm always hesitant to equate LDW with the end of summer because technically, we have until September 22, which is when fall officially starts. So until then, I'm going to try my best to stay in a summer state of mind and avoid any summertime sadness (cue Lana Del Ray). No need to rush the seasons; this year has been flying by as it is. Speaking Nike Red Jackets of which, can you believe we're entering the final stretch of 2014? Before you know it, it'll be Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then Oh my.

Nike Red Jackets

There are endless things to do and see here. Our list keeps growing! Because we started to overwhelm ourselves with all the sites we need to tackle, we came up with a new mantra: We have time. We're so used to traveling somewhere and cramming in as much as possible in a short timeframe, but this time we're staying put. We won't be bored anytime soon, that's for sure.

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We're hoping to tackle a good portion of our end of summer to do list, so you can expect an extra long version of Saturday + Sunday next week because it'll include Monday too. So, check back on Tuesday for updates. And don't forget to follow along on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!

Saturday, August 23 // Gas Works Park + University of Washington

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Being new to Seattle, I'm constantly searching the web for things to do and see in the city. (Repeat new mantra: We have time.) As I was looking at the Frye Art Museum's website, I learned about their SocialMedium exhibition. The idea is that the public gets to vote for the paintings they want displayed in the Frye Founding Collection this fall by "liking" and commenting on different social media platforms. Paintings with the most votes Nike White Jacket Womens

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But getting back to Labor Day weekend

will be displayed in the galleries, voters will be listed as curators of the Nike Tracksuit Tech

Bryce and I have had a handful of people ask us if we're "enjoying our trip to Seattle," and when we say "yes," we're reminded that oh, this isn't a vacation, we actually live here now. It's exciting and intimidating all at once. We keep joking that it's like being freshmen in college again, except this time we're freshmen in real life. No pre planned activities, pep rallies, or bonding with fellow hall mates. Just real life. Making new friends, navigating a foreign city, adjusting to the working world that's all in our hands now. No pressure or anything!

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a wonderful holiday weekend!

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Summer is winding down. Or at least that's what everyone is saying. With Labor Day weekend on the horizon, the air is abuzz with wistful goodbyes to the warmer months and (somewhat) reluctant hellos to the season of changing leaves and pumpkin spiced everything.

Social media is bigger than ever these days, so a crowd curated exhibit based on likes is pretty rad. People like what they like, after all.

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´╗┐Since Yesterday

exhibition, and some comments will be selected as labels.

What a whirlwind these past few days have been! We explored downtown on Sunday, our first full day in the city, so we wanted to share some pictures from our adventures.

Now I'm getting ahead of myself, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around the pace of this year. I guess it happens every year, but there's something about 2014 in particular. Maybe it's because I made the biggest transition of my life thus far moving across the country with no return date in the books.

Nike Red Jackets

Nike Red Jackets

For my art junkies out there pretty cool, right?

Nike Red Jackets

Nike Red Jackets

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