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He was the first Liberal MP to declare publicly that Thorpe should quit, or at least submit himself to an early leadership contest, over the Norman Scott affair.

Later, however, Mr Thorpe made him party spokesman on employment, probably the subject of which he was most knowledgeable, and in 1975 he was made chief whip in which post he recharged the party's personality.

Until 1955 he was a Labour Party agent first at Ashton under Lyne and then for Heywood and Royton.

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Rochdale Grammar School for Boys and learned to speak his mind and express himself clearly at the local Unitarian Church.

But the next year he dramatically left Labour after a quarrel with party colleagues on the council about house rents, which he wanted to increase.

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Most of the characteristic Smith fire during the early months in Parliament was directed at what he labelled the "charade" of Commons procedure a theme he returned to throughout his political career.

Before his first bid for Parliament as a Liberal, he said: "If I were to fight, it would be as a Rochdale man for Rochdale."

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Former Liberal MP Sir Cyril Smith was one of Rochdale's favourite sons, a large man who filled an unforgettably larger than life role in British politics. With his 25 plus stones and forthright Lancashire manner he was a favourite of Fleet Street and openly disdainful of what he considered the hypocrisy of Westminster.

Sir Cyril Smith was born on June 28 1928, one of three illegitimate children of a Rochdale housemaid, Eva Smith.

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and was often as critical of his own party colleagues as of his political enemies.

In his poverty stricken boyhood he suffered from nephritis, a kidney complaint which he later blamed even more than home made potato pie for his enormous frame.

From the start of his Parliamentary career which was to last for 20 years he demonstrated himself as one of the most independent minded MPs at Westminster. He was a difficult man for the whips to handle Crop Top Nike Hoodie

He won a scholarship to Nike Tracksuit Mens Green

His parochial politics were not guided by party power he changed parties three times and in 1976 suggested the formation of a completely new Centre party.

From the age of 11 he took many spare time jobs paper boy, cinema projectionist and telegram boy to contribute to the family kitty.

What was a trying time for the entire party inevitably took an especially heavy toll on Sir Cyril and by March 1976 he was suffering from gall bladder troubles.

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his mother Mayoress.

Sir Cyril's particular brand of politics emanated from his loyalty to the town of Rochdale, where he grew up as an illegitimate child to become its mayor, then its MP and together with John Bright and Gracie Fields one of its proudest assets.

By 1952 he had became a local councillor, showing his brilliance as a successful operator in local government, and went on to become an alderman.

He lasted only six months in his first job as a clerk at the Inland Revenue before he was told to give up his political activities or leave he left.

He once described Parliament as "the longest running farce in the West End".

He then took a job as a wages clerk until at the age of 19 he became a Liberal agent for Stockport, the youngest in the country.

In 1966, he became the managing director of his own spring making firm and, after applying his lofty profit sharing principles to his workers, he was made Mayor of Rochdale. He made Nike Jackets Hoodies Men

´╗┐Sir Cyril Smith played larger than life role in British politics

He once reflected: "I think it probably was important to me to be somebody. Because of my background I had an inherent need to be noticed."

The same year he resigned from Rochdale district Nike Joggers Blue council he felt he was not pulling his weight.

In January 1974 he had his first public clash with Mr Thorpe, attacking his leader's alleged "lack of action" over the three day week, introduced by Prime Minister Edward Heath in the face of the bitter national miners' strike.

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He took four other councillors with him and they stood as independents for two years before he led them into the Liberal camp.

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Two years later he impulsively left the Liberals, annoyed that they had dropped the issue of industrial partnerships from their manifesto.

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A by election came up at Rochdale in 1972. Party leader Jeremy Thorpe was convinced that the only man who could win the seat was Cyril Smith and he did, transforming a seemingly secure Labour majority of 5,000 to a similar Liberal lead.

But at 16 he insisted on leaving school so his mother would not have to work so hard and at the same time expressed an interest in Liberal politics.

He joined Labour and in retrospect said: "I wanted to be in a party that had power and could make an impact."

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