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"This one is going to be closer than the moon, but in everyday terms, it's still a very long distance away."

Experts agreed the asteroid was nothing to worry about, even if its path would bring it uncomfortably close. The last time a space rock this size came close to Earth was in 1976.

He points to the huge asteroid Vesta over 500 kilometres in diameter which is currently being visited by a NASA spacecraft.

That's why Connors welcomes plans to send astronauts on a visit to an asteroid: "These are the sorts of things we might be able to evaluate by travelling to asteroids."

Connors says the asteroid comprises a very high proportion of carbon and any attempts to deflect it would have caused a lot of headaches.

Nike Boys Tracksuits

Nike Boys Tracksuits

"So if you did end up trying to deflect it, is it simply going to break up? And, if it does, do you have a whole bunch of little asteroids coming in?" he said.

Asteroid 2005 YU55, 400 metres wide and as big as an aircraft carrier, was scheduled to whiz past the planet as people on the East Coast were sitting down for supper.

The Dawn spacecraft has been in orbit around Vesta since mid July and is on a year long mission to study the asteroid. Vesta is located in the main asteroid Nike Boys Tracksuits belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Nike Boys Tracksuits

Nike Boys Tracksuits

Connors says asteroids do make it down to the Earth Nike Tracksuit Mens Jd

have been a few metres across when it was first coming in and then it burnt up and the amount that was found was Nike Sportswear Windrunner Winterized Qs Men's Jacket

While Asteroid 2005 is in an orbit which regularly brings it close to Earth, Venus and Mars, the current encounter is the closest it has come to this planet for at least the last 200 years.

Nike Boys Tracksuits

Nike Boys Tracksuits

NASA said earlier that the gravitational influence of the asteroid would have no detectable effect on Earth, including on the tides and tectonic plates.

But what worries the Alberta space science expert are smaller asteroids the size of Tuesday's space rock, which may not have been discovered yet.

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´╗┐size of aircraft carrier

"There are tens of thousands of asteroids of this size if not more and most of them hang around the asteroid belt which is out beyond Mars," he said earlier Tuesday.

MONTREAL A large asteroid, which last flew past Planet Earth around the time of the War of 1812, was making a return visit to the neighbourhood on Tuesday evening.

Nike Boys Tracksuits

a handful of stones," he said.

"Estimates are that it would Nike Hoodie Swoosh

Nike Boys Tracksuits

on a regular basis, but they are not very large, like the one that crashed into North Africa in 2008.

"They are not necessarily all detected and it just takes one to make a really bad day." he said in an interview.

Nike Boys Tracksuits

Connors said some giant asteroids are the size of small planets and the really big ones have already been identified by scientists.

Nike Boys Tracksuits

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