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    Why Don’t People Like Congress?

    Posted on July 31, 2014 by in Report

    It’s clear that the United States Congress is not all that popular. People don’t like their local representatives and they often argue that the latest Congressional session is worse than the last one. This is regardless of what the actual session is like. In fact, some Gallup polls may find that there’s an approval rating in Congress that is in the single-digit range.  But why do people hate Congress as much as they do? There are a few interesting reasons worth finding with regards to this topic.


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    Why Is It So Hard For Bills To Pass These Days?

    Posted on July 11, 2014 by in Politics

    One point about politics that many people have seen over the years is that it is very difficult for some bills to be passed as laws. It seems as though it is extremely difficult for some bills to go through but there are a number of good reasons why it has been a challenge. 

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    Fashion Rocks Really Mixes Fashion and Pop Together

    Posted on June 15, 2014 by in Clothes

    The Fashion Rocks event has been one of the most essential types of programs in the world of fashion and celebrities. It is a program where many top designers will reveal their fashions to a big audience while some huge musical acts perform. It typically takes place during one of the Fashion Weeks around the world.

    The Fashion Rocks event for 2014 will take place in September during the New York Fashion Week and will be at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. It will feature Miranda Lambert, Usher, Kiss and Nico and Vinz among many others. This is the newest in a series of events that has been going along since 2003. The acts and locations have changed but the idea has always been the same to highlight the many fashions that different labels want to showcase.

    It sounds like an interesting event but it’s more than just that. There are many reasons why Fashion Week is so important to the fashion world.


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  • Why Would People Watch YouTube Videos Of Congress?

    Posted on August 18, 2014 by in Politics

    Doesn’t the idea of watching YouTube videos of Congress sound counter-productive? After all, considering how Congress has been over the last few years, many people are disillusioned by the way how it is being run. However, the truth is that many people are watching these YouTube videos of Congress in action regardless of how the legislative branch is running. There are many reasons why people watch these videos. 

    They Want To Learn About Their Senators and Representatives 

    CongressMany people will want to learn about what their senators and representatives from their local areas are doing. After all, these are the people that they voted in on their own. Many people are going to take a look at different videos on these people in order to learn about everything they have done while in office and if they are actually following through on their promises. 

    Analysis Is Open 

    Many popular YouTube videos are designed to provide analysis of what is happening in Congress. Many news websites will buy YouTube views from Qqtube because they want to provide more people with information on what these people in Congress are doing while also talking about what their decisions and actions mean for the public at large. 

    Interviews May Be Covered 

    Sometimes people in Congress may be interviewed. These may come from not only the new media but also from Senate committee meetings, subpoenas or many other testimonies that some people are asked to get into. Many different organizations might buy YouTube views in order to make these interviews more visible. Sometimes these videos can reveal quite a bit about some people in Congress. Of course, they might also be used by some politicians in the attack ads that they want to create later on but that is another story in its own. 

    Some Videos Cover Hearings 

    Congress003Those speeches that people in Congress give can be rather interesting. Sometimes they will cover the mindsets of the people who give them and what they believe in. In other cases these are just nothing more than filibusters to try and delay votes that are just going to happen anyway. Sometimes these speeches can be interesting and in the case of filibusters they can be really amusing. 

    YouTube videos will over entail these speeches and everything that goes on with them. People will watch these YouTube videos to learn about what their representatives or senators think and to also discover just what values these politicians truly have. Sometimes this information can really be of interest to people considering how so many of these politicians are ones who are often accessed of backing down on the promises that they often try and offer to their voters. If these videos of hearings are posted then people will learn more about what their governmental figures really feel and think about the issues that are important to so many people in society. 

    People are always going to want to know about Congress and what is going on in that body whether they like what is happening there or not. It is no surprise that people are interested in visiting YouTube to learn about the many things that are happening in this part of the American government.

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